Getting started

To buld your own modules and extensions, get started with our easy to follow tutorial.


1 create a new WPF user control project

Easy, just start a new project:

image taken from Microsoft Visual Studio 2015

2 nuget & visual studio

Download the package directly in your project. (how?)

PM> Install-Package Enigma.Section.Modules.Wpf -Pre

3 add the code

Add a new code file:

using System.Windows.Controls;
using Enigma.Section.Modules.UI;
using Enigma.Section.Modules.Wpf;
namespace MyModule
    public class HelloWorld : UiModuleBase, IWpfModule
        private UserControl _control;
        public HelloWorld() : base("Hello world")
            Name = "Hello world.";
            Description = "My first hello world module.";
        public override void Load()
            _control = new UserControl1();
        public UserControl Template
            get { return _control; }

4 install the module

just copy the output to the %ProgramData%\Enigma Research\Section\Modules\YourModuleDirectory directory and you are good to go.